Fruzion is family owned and operated. 

In early 2014, Fruzion was the the first to introduce many Americans to a unique and healthy alternative to smoothies that is offered in many other regions of our diverse world;

The Fruit Cocktail!

Originated in Lebanon and the Mediterranean Coast, The Lebanese Fruit Cocktail is made with layered fresh fruit varieties, juices poured through out, and then topped with our classic Lebanese ashta cream (or Gelato), nuts and honey.

The concept is truly unique and healthy!!!

We invite you to try a delight from our diverse menu which has influences from around the world. Our wide menu selection includes sweet and savory Parisian crepes, Belgium waffles, Italian Gelato and Sorbets, Italian coffee, and our famous Lebanese fruit cocktails and Ashta inspired plates


Fruzion only uses high quality and high grade ingredients in all our menu options. Our menus is customizable and features Lebanese fruit cocktails, crepes, waffles, ashta, gelato, and coffee.

We strive to offer our customers a mouth watering experience that they will love.

It’s the perfect place for brunch, lunch or dessert.


Stop by one of our locations today and become a member of our Fruzion family!